Saturday, 2 December 2017

Cloud & Cloud Ops - Is the enterprise ready

It still surprises me when you hear about enterprise org's and they want to do cloud, the infra guys are pushing it, the dev guys want it, the business "need it" and everyone talks agile, scrums, cool phrases - but i still dont think the magnitude of what is being discussed has really sunk in...

The roles of whom does what changes drastically when you try and go to this new shiny model - and folks really need to understand what happens when you become a product owner....

Product owner - the clue is in the name - you own the product, the finished article, all the bits that make that product work, soup to nuts - ITS YOURS!

You are responsible for application architecture, you are responsible for thinking about resilience, implementing security controls, performance, monitoring, functional and non-functional requirements, scale out, scale up, authentication, logging, compliance, compliance reporting, audit - yep the whole bloody lot.... You wanted control - well now you have it!!!

So - What do the cloud ops do then - well.. They get the components available ready for you - for sure, they ensure there are features available within those components, they ensure that they can make it consumable, you feed features into them (not app) and they will go find the components that can achieve that - or tell you that you cant have it). These CloudOps dudes / dudettes may even help you architect your app to a level - probably by telling you what the cloud infra stuff cant do...

What the cloud ops DONT do is the more interesting part tho...

So Dear Product owner (that wanted this shiny cloud stuff for their app):
Cloud Ops are
- Not responsible for your performance
- Not responsible for DR
- Not responsible for BCP
- Dont respond to audit for you
- Dont measure YOUR compliance
- Dont sort logging

Upshot - the pieces of the puzzle (that were typically handled by the heritage infrastructure guys) that make up capability are made available to you as product owner- but its your job to stitch them together, layer your app on them and ensure you have architected it together properly.

In this new world - there is no central infrastructure group to fix bits - that is the role of the product owner!

If you have built your cloud aware app - have had an issue and are about to ring up an infrastructure guy to help with a DR failover or ask her / him to make it resilient for you - then your probably not ready for the cloud world!

Hey - there you go - my penny's worth.... Have a cool day

I'm gonna finish my scrambled eggs on toast and cup of rosy lee!


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