Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Predictions for Technology Infrastructure - 2017 & Beyond

So... Its the end of the year - and i thought i would have a bit of a go at predictions of where 2017 and beyond might take us in the world of technology infrastructure....

This is in no particular order / ranking - just the ten things that are knocking around in my head!!!

1. Organisations might finally realise that their current approach to custom technology and engineering for each of their use cases is just plain bloody expensive - and we might really start seeing a move to the adoption of STANDARDISED, pre-packaged, per-engineered technology offerings. Existing technology engineering functions will evolve to focus on how to use these tools and AUTOMATE them into PROCESSES that ENABLE faster time to market for BUSINESS APPLICATIONS. Engineering (and i now mean dev's and infra folks) will start focusing on technology as a service APIs with the initial focus on INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICE AS A API.

2. Infrastructure might finally consumed like a true UTILITY model and transparent COSTS will be charged to the business for SERVICES that they use and CONSUME on a per instance basis. The enterprise will need to get its head around a FINANCE MODEL that really works. TRANSPARENCY will help drive business COST & VALUE.

3. Platform as a Service (PaaS) will finally come of age - and DEVELOPERS & INFRASTRUCTURE folks will start working together to get tool chains working and AUTOMATION will be a key focus. Pre-Engineered PaaS services will be the obvious choice for net-new application and business services that will be developed.

4. Big enterprises will finally get their head around ESCALATING LEGACY & LIFECYCLE costs and realise it is not sustainable. This will cause RE-HOSTING and RE-DEVELOPING of APPLICATION SERVICES that will further push us to new paradigms (driving adoption of SaaS / PaaS / IaaS).

5. CLOUD (urgh i said it...) might be properly UNDERSTOOD - and its place within the enterprise will start to become CLEAR. It will become obvious which CAPABILITIES will be required. RELIGION will start to die down. HYBRID models will become the obvious way of WORKING. A mash up of INTERNAL and EXTERNAL DATACENTRE SERVICES will be used. Preference of net new business and application services should follow SaaS (as first preference), PaaS (second prefrence), IaaS (and IaaS+) as third preference followed by CUSTOM offerings last.

6. MICROSERVICES will come of age (rather than the tarting around we have done thus far). Management of the underpinning infrastructure to enable this will BECOME UNDERSTOOD.

7. Infrastructure technology will FINALLY realise that DEVELOPERS have a CLOUD STRATEGY - its CALLED SHADOW IT (they put their hand in the pocket, use their corporate amex and install their apps on the amazons, azures and others) and ignore what CENTRAL TECHNOLOGY are doing. INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY finally wake up and deliver competitive and viable services to external cloud providers (and utilising them as part of their technology portfolio).

8. Enterprises will finally put in place ORGANISATIONS that can deal with old (legacy) and new (well new....) technology services and (again i hate the term) BI-MODAL will be understood. Anyone who THINKS this is a static model is going to be SADLY MISTAKEN...

9. Vendors will FINALLY GROW UP and realise that the customer wants services they can consume rather than a bunch of technology BITS AND PIECES. They will offer STACKS of technology that will ENABLE CLOUD OPERATING MODELS. This in turn will drive COMMODITISATION & CONSUMERISATION of technology  (please please please let this be true - we dont want to engineer anymore!!).

10. Technology functions will realise that our job is to service the business and significantly reduce the TIME TO VALUE with a business view - rather than playing with technology toys (hey - who doesn't like playing with technology - but its there to service something!!!)

There you go - a few of my views and thoughts... It will be interesting to see if, at the end of 2017 we have ticked any of these off!

Mindmap - shown, just to articulate some of my madness!!


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Will the train companies and unions just WAKE UP

You folks are really just doing my head in... How dare you disrupt this many people with petty complaints / stupid arguments that just do not stack up...

Mick Cash - you are a KNOB... Thrashing out a workable solution... I would pay real money to really understand how many of your people actually voted for striking (and I don't mean from those that actually voted - i mean out of your ALL of your members). I am guessing the number is really really low...

ASLEF - you are also very high on my COCK list... The same question posed above - how many people out of all of your members really voted out?? Would be interesting

Southern Trains - also on the COCK's list... Just sit down and make this all work out

All three of you - You provide a service, the paying customer doesn't really care that three org's have to come together to make this work.. They want to buy their ticket, get on the train and get to where they are going... You are turning the entirety of the public against you... And here is the brutal truth of your situation (and something the rest of us have to get on with) - If you don't like you job, your pay, your boss or what ever else your issue the MOVE JOB!!! That's what the rest of us have to do!!

Just to finish my rant, and get to the real point that all of you are arguing about - conductors / drivers and technology. You cant stop technology - it will be there for ever, and many train systems already run successfully without a train conductor - and at some point soon - you will all get replaced. Take this chance to re-skill and become part of the new way of working and get out of your Arthur Scargill 1970's mind set. Stop being the problem and become part of the solution.

Yours sincerely

An Angry Customer from Surrey...