Sunday, 26 July 2015

Big enterprise mentality & innovation wins - maybe?

So... Ive had a cracking few days doing some infrastructure vendor visits, and understanding what the art of the possible is... 

The one really big surprise to me out of the whole week is... Are the big enterprises taking over the innovation lead over the startups?

Sure, a lot of the smart ideas / random stuff comes out of the little companies - but the bigger vendors are the people that can piece together how to make the innovation really applicable - and that is what really surprised me.. 

 Of course, the two side effects of this are: - it sort of goes against the cool "let the little companies through / give the underdog a chance - The big companies go into constant acquisition mode and buy out the startups 

But is this really a bad thing for the end-consumer? Im starting to think not - as the chance of a more polished, consumable, bug free product is more likely (and as the end customer this is a good thing)

Of course the challenge back to the big 4 or 5 vendors is please deliver innovation at a faster rate of knots..

Then the hard question that gets asked to us, the end customer - which of the enterprises that deliver core infrastructure do you think can deliver said innovation. 

In my mind - there are a core few that are top tier (and that could be argued over), namely: IBM, EMC Federation, HP, Oracle, Cisco then maybe followed by Fujitsu, Hitachi and Dell (I have not ranked these, but i do have a view which i wont be sharing publically :-))  If anyone out there is feeling offended as i have missed them off my list - i do apologise - and will happily stand corrected

We then have to address the real core of this question - which of those really have the smarts to glue the bits together, who can give you real manageable infra offering but then build on it to give real value add - This is the real question that will separate the children from the grown-ups, those that can glue solutions together, commoditise the offering to make it so standard and then build services and solutions on top of any product area the vendor chooses to sell. 

 There is of course another dynamic in this - there are customers / vendors that just "get on". what do i mean by this, they may have similar DNA, they may just get on - and this out of everything may just make engagements work, solutions deliverable.

As my final item of food for thought - its not just vendor tech / coolness that will give you what you need - its a mix of similar views, common direction, people that can mix and a will to deliver that will help you ponder these questions and come up with your right answer and the vendor you wish to choose. 

I realise i have asked lots of questions - and delivered no answers - prob just my own way of thinking through things. On that note - as per Peppa Pig's guidance (and as we have had a lot of rain) - I am going to go and jump in muddy puddles with my children! Have a great day!! 

 PS - If you want to check muddy puddles - here you go :-)

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