Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cloud made useable...

The vendors have a lot to answer for.... I have only said that a few times (ok and maybe a few more)

"Hey come and buy our cloud thing"
"Of course we can do cloud and save costs"
"Our infrastructure cloud offering rocks"

To name but a few quotes i have heard over the past weeks, months, years

But it really never quite delivers - not if you just think in terms of infrastructure... obviously infrastructure is not there for its own purpose - it has consumers... Developers and dare i say the business (shock horror)

So what is this little rant about - well... its about how do we make these cloud offerings useable to our end consumers

Its all about packaging, dynmiac compile of code, placement onto a compute container of some descrption, spin up , test and then deploy to production

Yep - you have guessed it - im going to start ranting about the devops dream - another shock - we need to glue the development lifecycle and inte infrastructure offerings together to make technology useable to the business... Hey i am all full of revelations today!

but seriously - its not only the standup of the cloud infrastructure thats the gig here - its how do you look at code deployment models, what are the development tools that your developers utilise to build and test code. How might you move the code to the infrastructure, automatically deploy and test and then put back into the feedback loop - and then there is the promotion of app services to production - its pointless just answering this question in development  as consistency is key...  You need to consider the whole lifecycle

So back to my rant - when your shiny vendor rocks up and says buy one of these, its gonna change your life - its a whole lot bigger than just the infrastructure gig



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