Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Another cloud thought for the day.... Living the dream

so you thought cloud adoption was hard from a technical perspective - pales into insignificance compared to;

- Changing the financial model within you enterprise to handle consumption based charging
- Bring hearts and minds of your enterprise with you to realise the benefits to be had
- Technology religon / not invented here syndrome
- Getting development & infrastucture on the same page
- "No i didnt ok that" from all and sundry that think they need to get involved
- Orginsational model to adopt these new paradigms 
- The realisation you will start to manage service and not technology
- Get everyone in the org singing from the same hymnsheet - one team one dream
- Get the markting sorted - sell and brand what you will deliver  - and ensure the exec down let everyone in your technology & business function know that this is mandated way forwards

im sure there are more - please feel free to add


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