Monday, 30 March 2015

The goods / bads / uglies of tech & my first play with Periscope

So there have been a couple of interesting apps focused around the video broadcast / twitter ecosystem over the last month or so - culminating with Meerkat & Periscope binding to your twitter accounts and allowing you to stream live video.

It sounds all good - for those budding musicians / comedians / budding entertainers - they can allow their twitter followers / joe public to watch what they are upto

So - i downloaded it and had a play... For those of you lucky enough to see my first live broadcast event - you had a real treat of watching me arrive at London Bridge (Late thanks to Southern Rail!) There were 40 odd people that watched the event - and quickly dialled off because, quite frankly - it was pretty boring - but hey my experiment was a success

So then i had a little browse around to see what my fellow broadcasters were up to - to start with it was sort of interesting, other people experimenting, people singing, demos of how to do stuff with tech, people working in media seeing how it could be used... but then the whole experiment turned a little sour...

Of course its not suprise to see the odd bit of porn - it powers the bulk of the internet like it or not...

Then i stumbled across a channel called "12YO Girls at the swimming pool"..... not cool!

It made me angry, pissed off and a whole other bunch of emotions all at the same time (none of them good) and the final thought - how do you stop this technology being used in a bad way, allow people the freedom to use it in an appropriate way but dont turn the whole of the internet over to the big brother regieme.

Anyhow - I pressed the report this button, delete the app - and thought thats it, dont like it, can be abused, is a little vouyeristic and for the good it can offer - its downfall will be the bad..

So - left it alone for a bit - and then noticed a tweet (from a band i follow) that basically said "hey we doing a live gig come watch" - loaded it back up and watched said band do an awesome performance... (now this is what the tech is good for!!!)

folllowing from this, found some really good solo artists, comedians, some guy that was mixing trance live, some guys that were talking about opression in their home countries - some really good stuff!!

SO - why am i writing this.... I guess a couple of stand out points occured...

1. Dont dismiss tech just becasue of the bad stuff - there is loads of good there.
2. Tech companies really need to think how they release functionality to make sure it has gone some ways to control or report bad stuff that happens and offer resolution
3. We all have a responsibiliy to report this bad stuff to try and stop it happening - there are "report this" type of functions - use them... Dont just ignore and walk away - react and report if you see something that is inappropriate / wrong / downright out of order
4. From a media perspective - done in the right way - this type of tech is awesome... used in the wrong way - there are some bad folk out there that could use it in all the wrong ways
5. From an App perspective - periscope was actually very good. FPS rate was maintained at a decent rate and sound quality was actually very good..

anyhow - there you go, a very down and up view on some new tech 

final thought - if you see something bad, do something about it - dont ignore it and leave it for someone else to sort....


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