Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My cloud thought for the day...

If you are reading this, based on the title you probably have something to do with, or the desire to implement some type of cloud offering within your company....

Just a thought - you have probably been working on this for the past two years
You have heard the vendors banging on about this for the last three years
You have it straight in your head what it should look like and how it should be shaped
You are frustrated with how slow its going and why it cant go any faster.....

Here is the problem (probably) whilst you have been on the journey in your head already - the bulk of the organisation probably hasnt - and they have to play catchup

You need to evangalise constantly

and remember this isnt a technology gig (in terms of hard-to-implement)

This is a organisational gig
This is standardisation
This is financial change
This is a massive change to the way the development community consume infrastructure
This is a large service change - and how things are metered and measured
This is a nasty integration change - getting old working with new
This is a massive challange to how security and compliancy regulations implement policy and technology manefestation
Being able to compelete SOX compliancy reporting or proving you have done the right thing by PCIDSS

Just look at that list - is anything easy there...

Take people on the journey with you - and get your exec to let the whole company know this is the direction of travel - and these problems need to be solved...

Anyhow - my thought for the day.


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