Thursday, 24 September 2015

Dear Blackberry - WTF!!!! #EPICFAIL BES 12 Breaks with IOS9

Dear Blackberry

What the hell is going on... How many consumers of your product do you have... erm its a lot... You confess to now being the biggest enterprise class carrier for corporate email devices including Android and iOS devices (along with a sprinkling of your own devices (ok being a bit sarcastic there...))

I would hate to guess how many of your users are now on iOS - but im also guessing its a few (million)

They rely on your services

Anyhow a few days ago - i press the "please can i have iOS 9 on my device" bam it was downloaded and we were all good...

but then....I noticed something a little weird... My corporate inbox (which is normally in a constant state of mail growth) stopped growing... I access this through BES 12 on my iphone 6 / Ipad mini..

My first thought - maybe its just a little quiet / ive just been travelling / different time zones - its nothing...

still it carries on.... hmmmm (still) no mail growth.... now the feeling of weirdness continues and the feeling of panic starts setting in - that essential device that i have, is it working, am i keeping upto date with what is going on in the office... let me check.... Out comes the trusted laptop (and android device and ironically i fire an old copy of GOOD that is knocking around on my ipad (anyone see the irony in that last piece of info :-))

CRAP - BES 12 has stopped working - WTF!!!!!! I lost contact with the office and goings on for a whole day.... uh oh.... what have i missed... catch up time... Political shennanigans.... Cats living with dogs.... End of days scenario....

OK Sarcasm over with - and onto the serious message...

Blackberry - you confess to being an enterprise class player - that means i want all of my enterprise class services available all of the time, and when that inevitable snag does hit  - there is an extremely fast time to fix...

Things that are unacceptable are:
- My mail not working
- NOT KNOWING that my enterprise service is not availble 
- being notified 4 days after i have done my iOS upgrade that i shouldnt complete this upgrade. This one really really wound me up - i was already injured and out of the game, now your just rubbing salt in...
- Your inability to react to the regieme that apple have put in place - lets face it guys and gals, this is not new, and please dont whinge about "oh they changed something" - the rest of the world coped, please get on board if you want to play in this game...

In short - behave in a way that is inline with your customers expectations / the costs of your products and provide the service that you promise...

For those of you that didnt spot the little item of irony i had to fall back on Good to offer those mail services, which Blackberry have just purchased....


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Big enterprise mentality & innovation wins - maybe?

So... Ive had a cracking few days doing some infrastructure vendor visits, and understanding what the art of the possible is... 

The one really big surprise to me out of the whole week is... Are the big enterprises taking over the innovation lead over the startups?

Sure, a lot of the smart ideas / random stuff comes out of the little companies - but the bigger vendors are the people that can piece together how to make the innovation really applicable - and that is what really surprised me.. 

 Of course, the two side effects of this are: - it sort of goes against the cool "let the little companies through / give the underdog a chance - The big companies go into constant acquisition mode and buy out the startups 

But is this really a bad thing for the end-consumer? Im starting to think not - as the chance of a more polished, consumable, bug free product is more likely (and as the end customer this is a good thing)

Of course the challenge back to the big 4 or 5 vendors is please deliver innovation at a faster rate of knots..

Then the hard question that gets asked to us, the end customer - which of the enterprises that deliver core infrastructure do you think can deliver said innovation. 

In my mind - there are a core few that are top tier (and that could be argued over), namely: IBM, EMC Federation, HP, Oracle, Cisco then maybe followed by Fujitsu, Hitachi and Dell (I have not ranked these, but i do have a view which i wont be sharing publically :-))  If anyone out there is feeling offended as i have missed them off my list - i do apologise - and will happily stand corrected

We then have to address the real core of this question - which of those really have the smarts to glue the bits together, who can give you real manageable infra offering but then build on it to give real value add - This is the real question that will separate the children from the grown-ups, those that can glue solutions together, commoditise the offering to make it so standard and then build services and solutions on top of any product area the vendor chooses to sell. 

 There is of course another dynamic in this - there are customers / vendors that just "get on". what do i mean by this, they may have similar DNA, they may just get on - and this out of everything may just make engagements work, solutions deliverable.

As my final item of food for thought - its not just vendor tech / coolness that will give you what you need - its a mix of similar views, common direction, people that can mix and a will to deliver that will help you ponder these questions and come up with your right answer and the vendor you wish to choose. 

I realise i have asked lots of questions - and delivered no answers - prob just my own way of thinking through things. On that note - as per Peppa Pig's guidance (and as we have had a lot of rain) - I am going to go and jump in muddy puddles with my children! Have a great day!! 

 PS - If you want to check muddy puddles - here you go :-)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


If I get one more condescending email today there is going to be trouble....

Just saying 

Some PM's do my head in

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Is Docker dying

Is Docker dying as quickly as it spun up.

Its interesting looking / hearing about some of the discussions that are going on with docker and other opensource companies, some of the contradictory behaviour, roadmap that wont be sorted out anytime soon with things such as security and an un-reliable roadmap with un-reliable deliverables

are there more new shinys about to come and overtake it - and docker will be thrown on the trash heap all-to-soon??!!??



Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cloud made useable...

The vendors have a lot to answer for.... I have only said that a few times (ok and maybe a few more)

"Hey come and buy our cloud thing"
"Of course we can do cloud and save costs"
"Our infrastructure cloud offering rocks"

To name but a few quotes i have heard over the past weeks, months, years

But it really never quite delivers - not if you just think in terms of infrastructure... obviously infrastructure is not there for its own purpose - it has consumers... Developers and dare i say the business (shock horror)

So what is this little rant about - well... its about how do we make these cloud offerings useable to our end consumers

Its all about packaging, dynmiac compile of code, placement onto a compute container of some descrption, spin up , test and then deploy to production

Yep - you have guessed it - im going to start ranting about the devops dream - another shock - we need to glue the development lifecycle and inte infrastructure offerings together to make technology useable to the business... Hey i am all full of revelations today!

but seriously - its not only the standup of the cloud infrastructure thats the gig here - its how do you look at code deployment models, what are the development tools that your developers utilise to build and test code. How might you move the code to the infrastructure, automatically deploy and test and then put back into the feedback loop - and then there is the promotion of app services to production - its pointless just answering this question in development  as consistency is key...  You need to consider the whole lifecycle

So back to my rant - when your shiny vendor rocks up and says buy one of these, its gonna change your life - its a whole lot bigger than just the infrastructure gig


Another cloud thought for the day.... Living the dream

so you thought cloud adoption was hard from a technical perspective - pales into insignificance compared to;

- Changing the financial model within you enterprise to handle consumption based charging
- Bring hearts and minds of your enterprise with you to realise the benefits to be had
- Technology religon / not invented here syndrome
- Getting development & infrastucture on the same page
- "No i didnt ok that" from all and sundry that think they need to get involved
- Orginsational model to adopt these new paradigms 
- The realisation you will start to manage service and not technology
- Get everyone in the org singing from the same hymnsheet - one team one dream
- Get the markting sorted - sell and brand what you will deliver  - and ensure the exec down let everyone in your technology & business function know that this is mandated way forwards

im sure there are more - please feel free to add


Monday, 30 March 2015

The goods / bads / uglies of tech & my first play with Periscope

So there have been a couple of interesting apps focused around the video broadcast / twitter ecosystem over the last month or so - culminating with Meerkat & Periscope binding to your twitter accounts and allowing you to stream live video.

It sounds all good - for those budding musicians / comedians / budding entertainers - they can allow their twitter followers / joe public to watch what they are upto

So - i downloaded it and had a play... For those of you lucky enough to see my first live broadcast event - you had a real treat of watching me arrive at London Bridge (Late thanks to Southern Rail!) There were 40 odd people that watched the event - and quickly dialled off because, quite frankly - it was pretty boring - but hey my experiment was a success

So then i had a little browse around to see what my fellow broadcasters were up to - to start with it was sort of interesting, other people experimenting, people singing, demos of how to do stuff with tech, people working in media seeing how it could be used... but then the whole experiment turned a little sour...

Of course its not suprise to see the odd bit of porn - it powers the bulk of the internet like it or not...

Then i stumbled across a channel called "12YO Girls at the swimming pool"..... not cool!

It made me angry, pissed off and a whole other bunch of emotions all at the same time (none of them good) and the final thought - how do you stop this technology being used in a bad way, allow people the freedom to use it in an appropriate way but dont turn the whole of the internet over to the big brother regieme.

Anyhow - I pressed the report this button, delete the app - and thought thats it, dont like it, can be abused, is a little vouyeristic and for the good it can offer - its downfall will be the bad..

So - left it alone for a bit - and then noticed a tweet (from a band i follow) that basically said "hey we doing a live gig come watch" - loaded it back up and watched said band do an awesome performance... (now this is what the tech is good for!!!)

folllowing from this, found some really good solo artists, comedians, some guy that was mixing trance live, some guys that were talking about opression in their home countries - some really good stuff!!

SO - why am i writing this.... I guess a couple of stand out points occured...

1. Dont dismiss tech just becasue of the bad stuff - there is loads of good there.
2. Tech companies really need to think how they release functionality to make sure it has gone some ways to control or report bad stuff that happens and offer resolution
3. We all have a responsibiliy to report this bad stuff to try and stop it happening - there are "report this" type of functions - use them... Dont just ignore and walk away - react and report if you see something that is inappropriate / wrong / downright out of order
4. From a media perspective - done in the right way - this type of tech is awesome... used in the wrong way - there are some bad folk out there that could use it in all the wrong ways
5. From an App perspective - periscope was actually very good. FPS rate was maintained at a decent rate and sound quality was actually very good..

anyhow - there you go, a very down and up view on some new tech 

final thought - if you see something bad, do something about it - dont ignore it and leave it for someone else to sort....


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Vendor overstatement...

My pet hate for the day...

Vendor overstates capabilities
Baffles you with bullshit
Doesn't like the difficult questions
Then realisation that they have busted 
Don't fess up
Then play the roadmap card

Seriously - it doesn't work and is a dumb way of operating...

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My cloud thought for the day...

If you are reading this, based on the title you probably have something to do with, or the desire to implement some type of cloud offering within your company....

Just a thought - you have probably been working on this for the past two years
You have heard the vendors banging on about this for the last three years
You have it straight in your head what it should look like and how it should be shaped
You are frustrated with how slow its going and why it cant go any faster.....

Here is the problem (probably) whilst you have been on the journey in your head already - the bulk of the organisation probably hasnt - and they have to play catchup

You need to evangalise constantly

and remember this isnt a technology gig (in terms of hard-to-implement)

This is a organisational gig
This is standardisation
This is financial change
This is a massive change to the way the development community consume infrastructure
This is a large service change - and how things are metered and measured
This is a nasty integration change - getting old working with new
This is a massive challange to how security and compliancy regulations implement policy and technology manefestation
Being able to compelete SOX compliancy reporting or proving you have done the right thing by PCIDSS

Just look at that list - is anything easy there...

Take people on the journey with you - and get your exec to let the whole company know this is the direction of travel - and these problems need to be solved...

Anyhow - my thought for the day.


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Are vendors reverting back to their core type...

Just an observation - seen some interesting behaviour from vendors recently... Many of them have broken into more open markets, leaving behind what was once their core business - however over the last few months - many of them seem to be reverting back to selling in a more traditional manner and reverting back to "type"

Anyone else noted that behaviour?

Just wondering.....

Dear Policy Makers & Security Implementers

Technology is in a constant state of change

Regulatory Requirements are something we need to meet and will change

Policy / technical / security implications also need to morph

Please stop reverting back to set in stone behaviour - evolve and understand

just saying......

My Predictions for 2015 (or maybe 2016...)

So... I've written this a few times.... it started with some tech, then morphed into offerings and then i finally realised that the real innovation is not going to be with either of those - it is the mindset changes that need to happen within an orginisation to enable innovate technologies, approches and service offerings to make their entrance into the enterprise technology space

What do i mean by this - well you only need to look at various tech terms / buzzwords (and other various phrases that appear in your daily offering of bullshit bingo) that appear to realise core innovation is driven by organiastional change (virtualisation (and oldie but people bang on about it), cloud, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS etc... all of these are driven by people and not tech.

So back to my prediction list - here is the list of moments of realisation that will happen and real enablers that will make technology offerings / service offerings more real in the enterprise

- IaaS offerings that offer nothing more than tin and string but rely on the consuming orginisation to  still engineer OS, Infra App etc is just complicated if not more so - due to ownership issues
- The hero culture is dead - when stuff breaks the hero that comes to the rescue is a great thing, but it sould never have broken in the first place
- Technology functions will finally realise that technology is not the core business function of their enterprise, but business is. The business will also realise this also...
- The culture of "we can do technology better than the technology houses" will finally be busted and we might start employing the "vendors that can" more readily
- Security will finally realise that there are better ways of answering technology policies and stop being so dictatorial with the "we have always secured it this way" approaches - there are other answers
- The general employee base within the technology part of the organisation will finally realise it is a service provider to the business - and there will be other services providers making an entrance. They will finally have to accept that an organisation change is inevitable AND they will be in competition with external service providers
- We might actually get to an agreement on what DevOps really means and stop chucking it into every conversation and using it as if it will  be the second coming

i will continue to add to this list - please feel free to provide feedback

Ciao - and heres to an eye opening 2015 and 16