Thursday, 20 November 2014

So... Your ready for "as a Service" / cloud??

Are you?? Really??

So you sit in a technology department in a large enterprise and you have decided cloud / PaaS / IaaS / SaaS is your direction of travel. You are ready for the journey... Are you really ready for all the pain and gain that comes with it... Some food for thought, and items you might want to have in place...

- A Comms pack that is articulated from senior management all the way down that describes the intent
- A Clear understanding of what you hope to achieve that the organisation understands the vision
- A Marketing person / group that is selling the dream and the virtues of this brave new world
- Have accepted the fact that this is a huge organisational upheaval to make it happen
- Are not going to accept one failure as a show stopper, you have just learnt another way of how NOT to do something
- Understand that you have to evolve service offerings - start with simple and move to complex
- Accept that you can NOT start with the complex use cases and offerings - evolution not revolution
- Adopt a can-do attitude and accept the fact that 
- Take everyone along with the journey and don't exclude anyone
- Clearly define what you will be offering. PaaS and Cloud mean all things to all people... this is a bad!
- A Strategy that is understood and articulated - Technology & Operating Model
- Remember technology is easy, changing the way an organisation works is NOT
- Understand your measures of success 
- Understand and define who is doing what as part of the delivery
- Operating model, operating model, operating model -> its hard, start working on it now!!
- Understand that your org will be moving from technical adoption strategies to service adoption 
- Understand what your developers want and need - they will be your customers
- Service mapping becomes interesting - understand how you will achieve it
- You are proposing to move to a consumption based charging model - is your finance team ready?
- Understand how you will make a shop of possible wares to the masses and don't make it difficult
- Are your security guys ready for the change in mentality associated with cloud based offerings run by service providers
- You may need to rethink some of the policies and their implementations associated with technoloy
- On Premise / Off Premise / Hybrid - Whats right for you any why?
- Which vendors do you want to use  - don't do to many, don't do to few...


A good friend - Mr Gunter fed back with a couple of other points which are bang on, these being:
- Challenge your vendor experience early. They will say they've done it before - prove it!
- Understand your stakeholder and ensure it's a two way street; Demonstrate the art of the possible and don't make it all about requirements
- You mention operating model a lot (and rightly so) which itself can be ambiguous so maybe more wording to include implementing new methodologies (such as ...... no I'm not going to say it!!!). <for those not in the know - he is referring to DevOps>

Well - there you go.... a small starter for ten - What do you think??



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