Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Windows 10 - the promises

It was interesting watching the windows 10 announcements yesterday and some familier noises were being made....

- consistency of management
- improved GUI
- better patching
- more secure 
- better usability

Sort of sounds like the windows 8 announcement, and vista...

In my view - unless they change the very DNA of the construct and go and find some very very good interface and Ux experts, Microsoft will struggle again...

Come on guys - please make it decent ...


1 comment:

  1. Microsoft has an opportunity to make up for the major mistakes of Windows 8.Anyhow keeping on attempting and force users to adopt a mishmash of Windows 7 and 8 (as the hybrid start menu surely seems to be), and continue with the dull,ugly flat interface that is still present in Windows 10 won't help.To achieve the bound together core Microsoft has gutted such a great amount of functionality from Vista and 7 when they released Windows 8. Responsiveness is a result of significantly re-engineered code (in spite of the OS likely as yet being full of bloat).Explorer and other core features and capacities of Windows have been ripped out for impersonating responsiveness on low power devices,in the same way as tablets and phones. Desktops are benefit and gaming tools.Numerous,if not most, are utilizing mobile devices for social networking and basic needs.Main concern - Microsoft are as yet attempting to force a Mobile OS onto desktops/laptops.I've spent a week on Windows 10 as well.There is little to be excited about.

    ))Bonnie Jenkins.