Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cloud Services - is there anyone out there

Its really quite interesting... After all of the hype that has been in the press, internet, vendors websites, posters, snail mail <insert media type here> you might almost belive that its a real thing that you could use now... of course all large enterprises should be consuming on and off premise cloud services

I dont mean virtual tin, or an operating system - but something that really is useful that applications can use it straight away... All vendors and service providers could provide it on and off premise and the world could / would be a better place

But... start scratching just a little below the service and ask some quite basic questions, these being:
- Is it elastic in its nature (meaning can i shrink it as well as grow it)
- Is it a consumption based charge model (meaning i pay for something whilst i use it)
- Is everything bundled into the charge (S/W license, Tin, Hypervisor, Packaged infra apps etc.)
- Is it quick and agile
- Can you clearly and concisely document the catalogue of products that are consumable
- Can you plug into he ecosystem that an enterprise uses to manage services
- Can you describe the operating model that you need in place from the customer side in order to allow hem to consume and have the appropriate touch points in place
- Can you provide standard cloud model T's & C's (i really dont want heavy managed service schedule)
- Can you articulate you standard attributes that surround your technology & service offeringss
- Do you have the technology use cases available to fulfill the customer requriements

the list goes on....

So a couple thoughts/ direction for you technology vendors / suppliers / service providers
- Live up to your hype - when you can offer you aaS models, please make sure its possible
- I dont want managed service , i would cloud service 
- I want commoditised offerings, i dont want bespoke engineering wrapped into a managed service contract that sort of smells a little like cloud but not really (if this is a trasitionary step then fine - but spell it out)
- Be able to articulate a commercial model that displays the cloud economics that i want to harness
- Please please please understand your own offerings better than the potential customer... i really dislike having to answer something for you because you dont understand your own capabilities... really???
- Understand that i appreciated that everything technical is possible but it is the service wrap that is THE most important thing
- Finally, in my list of basic questions / attributes i expect - you will notice that the technical items are right at the bottom - as this would suggest they are as if not more imporant than some of the technical stuff

that is all....

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