Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Another rant - Understand your business, Understand your applications, Understand your infrastructure

So - its a rant... whats new i guess... well its what i do!!! :-)

So spent another day trying to understand the relationship between what us infrastructure bods do in relation to the business.... sounds simple - it becomes more apparent that talking infrastructure to the business is like, well.... like two completely different languages - and neither understand

cant help but think that, if in a creation of a business service / process that requires technology in some shape or form that from business to app to infra - everyone agrees a common language to talk in, its documented, its understood and most importantly ITS KEPT CURRENT, a regular audit takes place, the critical documents are CHANGE CONTROLLED with the appropriate people SIGNING OFF against the updates etc...

trying to work this out when a remediation process comes about / something breaks / need to complete a discovery is just horrid

ok ok ok so i know you will all be thinking, where is his service catalogue, where is his cmdb, prod cat, component catalogue, automated discovery, mappings maintained - and your right... but hey turn that question back at yourself - where are yours??

Show me someone that states that they have all this stuff and its 80% good i will show you an optimist.. (i was gonna say liar - but thats probably a little too strong - as they probably dont realise they are far from the truth) Why - well the tech just isnt here to do this automatically.. Sure there are some pieces there - but not the whole picture.

Take automated discovery - this would imply no human intervention... good point, however there needs to be - i am yet to see a product that automates discovery of a business service, maps to business process, translates into application service and so on - so it brings us back to the point about managing this important stuff properly.

One other thought - some simple, easy to read SERVICE MAPS that talk about the items that make up give business lines are a massively powerful thing - it may seem a nightmare sitting there with visio / powerpoint / tool of your choice - but when you walk into the business to have *that* discussion (this is what is important to you / which to you want to keep on the go etc.) it makes talking about given topic far easier.

End of my rant, and hopefully food for thought.....


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