Wednesday, 24 October 2012

SSD's save the world... or maybe they dont...

So… what is all the fuss about… really??? every man and his dog has a story about SSD's, how fast they are… How they are gonna rock my world and also how cheap they are on a $/IOPS basis…. hmmmmmm… no one talks about combined cost of $/GB and $/IOPS as a combined metric –  slightly different story methinks…

And another thing –  yes your drives go really really fast  and they are great and i can aggregate large amounts of IO onto them but some how i need all of my compute services to take advantage of them and connect to this nice shiny SSD array…. Pointless putting them onto my already oversubscribed FC fabrics –  as the average (of most of the worlds FC fabrics) i guess is somewhere around the 4 gig mark..

ok – so i get the use case of SSD within enterprise arrays and promotion of hotspots –  but really am over the hype of large scale SSD only arrays (altho i do see some small niche cases of SSD arrays for very point solutions).

Another point to note –  SLC / MLC drives –  my guess is they will not be long of this world –  so big investment of arrays that utilise this tech may also not be a grand idea –  watch this space for new funky tech coming along!!

Finally –  i guess “one to watch” –  EMC's acquisition was (IMHO) a legend purchase –  and of all the tech i have seen / read about –  is really the one to watch –  could this finally be the emergence of a large scale solid state array that really can deliver the promise, give the price point of $/IOPS and $/GB that is needed to make the thing cost effective and be building a good connectivity story!

That is all!

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