Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cloud ready tools - yeah right!!!!

Cloud is most definitely the buzzword of the decade. If you don’t have a product that can either provide cloud, enable cloud or do cloud type stuff it appears you don’t have a product (no i dont believe this - but the various vendors landing at my doorstep do!)

Have sat in a number of vendor presentations around cloud infrastructure software and specifically focused towards capacity / monitoring / utilization etc it has really started to p!$$ me off - lots of rubbish being spoken.

A specific product & pitch that was being looked at was a really good tool for looking at VMWare virtualised environments – but over night it had suddenly turned into a “cloud enablement” tool with all sorts of random application and cloud functions that just didn’t add up - yep they over-pitched it!

On pushing the above mentioned vendor and asking around how will/ has this helped my “journey to cloud” I asked a number of questions around product direction and roadmap – a flavour of these follows:
• How are you going to help me understand when I need to burst into external provided services but also allow me to bring back into my DC boundary as I either have surplus capacity or decide to “up-rate” my infrastructure
• How are you going to interface to my service catalogue so that we can ensure that we understand where to place
• How are you going to assist with a service model to ensure that the right customer is put on the right platform at the right time
• How are you going to measure my metrics to ensure that when I pass my internal platform to an external source that it meets the right specification based on an agreed SLA

I wasn’t really expecting answers to all of the above; neither was I looking for complete roadmap answers – just a bit of a view into general direction that the product was going to take to answer some of these things.
It became obvious that no real work had been done to turn this into a “cloud tool” but somewhere along the line, someone in their marketing dept had decided that virtualisation=cloud and it was job done!
Needless to say – the vendor did in fact NOT have a great cloud story – what they did have was a pretty good virtualisation capacity management tool…
Lesson – this is an evolution – things don’t just convert / change / evolve without input… Look at where you want to take the tool and work to get it there. Don’t just flip the name in the hope that some unsuspecting customer will just fall into the trap and buy the slideware
Nuff said!

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  1. You are so right! I myself are so tired of all the cloud-bull...