Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What's the story with IBM Block storage line-up?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on the confused line up / product alignment that I believe EMC now have with VNX and Symmetrix… I guess if I was confused about the overlap on product there, I am totally confused with the IBM story… So far we have:

-          IBM DS8k

-          IBM DS6k

-          IBM XIV

-          IBM V7000 (latest new shiny)

4 block storage products all fighting for placement. Up until recently XIV was IBM’s new shiny thing with (what appeared to be) DS8k and 6k  taking a back seat where standard open systems needed block storage.

Of course – we now have V7000 out there and IBM pushing the product.

By the way – I am making no judgement call on product technology and if it is fit for purpose – just purely making the observation of a confused product line.

I think some well publicised “horses for courses” statement needs to be forthcoming from IBM so that potential customers can understand which product they should / should-not be looking to utilise.

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  1. My longer comment just got eaten, very frustrating...

    Anyway, by DS6K, do you mean 5K, or are you referring to the DS6800 that no IBM sales person has ever mentioned to me? :)

    DS8K + DS6K are definitely legacy products, they exist primarily for the mainframe market, and users with similar reliability and performance expectations. You can attach a huge amount of disk, stick in massive caches, and pay an enormous amount for the privilege.

    DS5K - That's the price sweet-spot, lots of disk per $, but limited functionality and reliability features.

    V7000/SVC - The long term platform for building out, for now it's best combined with DS5K to give you a combination of price, reliability and performance. Over time I expect IBM will switch of DS5K shelves for an even simpler range of shelves with do nothing but plug-in - especially since NetApp now own LSI who design and make all the DS5k range.

    XIV is meant to be the "new IT" concept, hugely reduced administration workload, simplified deployment, easy ordering due to reduced options, stuff like that. The only real issue with XIV is that XIV2 seems to be significantly delayed. Instead of multi-chassis support and Infiniband interconnects, we've got 2TB drives? Either they're switching from Infiniband to 10Gb ethernet, or something else is happening behind the scenes.