Saturday, 5 March 2011

Vendors - Stop selling from the top down - IT DOESNT WORK!!!

This whole vendor approach of getting into an org at the top level (i.e. senior management) and ramming technology down the technologist’s throat just pisses me off…

Why O why do we continue to see this behaviour from big vendors that should know better….

It does nothing other than generate animosity and rarely delivers value. Collaborative buy in from the right people at the right team is a far better way to work!

It’s one thing making idle promises to senior management about your latest shiny thing around impact on CapEx and OpEx with the added “of course the technology will work” and a good sprinkling of “oh we will make the numbers work for you” – You will get found out!

You want to sell a product I would suggest that the better approach would be:

-          Validate the approach works internally and it is viable (a basic step – but missed by vendors many times over)

-          Test the water with the various technology communities within an org and also get vendor management involved at an early stage – show that a business opportunity exists and technically it stacks up – Internal sponsorship is such a winner!!!

-          Work as a team - Vendor / customer team’s work so much better as you sell the opportunity into the org. If the technical offering stacks up and the commercial model fits – this is a great win/win

-          Then once the above requirements have been fulfilled – start selling at the higher management level

-          Make sure that the business case truly stacks up and can be proven (and make it easy to understand) – and please understand your own numbers – I don’t really want to have to explain them back to you!

-          ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS include the cost of change…

Please DO NOT darken my doorway with your presence if you have not followed any of the above steps….. Your failure is of your own making!

Rant over - have a great weekend!