Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blurred Marketing - EMC Product Line - Symmetrix or VNX??

Is it me or is EMC’s marketing machine blurring the block storage products…. Should I choose Symm or VNX (clariion)??

All the hype was given around VNX recently - how it can scale big (and small) which is blurring the edge between “when do I use a Symmetrix” Vs “When do I use a VNX”. Of course – you don’t appear to have the scale out of engines that you get on a VMAX with the VNX – never the less, if you listen to the sales hype – you get told it can grow big… really really big (who knows – one day you might get more than just the initial controller pair – maybe…)

And then there is the time to market with the VNX offerings, and functionality included – arguably the adoption rate of technology within the platform is much faster than you see within the Symmetrix product line. Admittedly you do get the Rolls Royce service with Symmetrix and a high level of stability – but this is almost starting to turn into a “Risk Vs Reward” discussion – and with the ever increasing focus on cost within many organisations – it may well end up that we see a move from Symmetrix to VNX in the large enterprise space (maybe…).

I would probably help if the sales teams didn’t big up both platforms and tell us that each storage offering can do each other’s roles in life… I am half expecting EMC silos to start competitive bidding against each other within a single set of accounts – which could look very strange!

Feels a little “Austin / Leyland” to me – and I might just end up buying an Austin allegro if I am not careful (For those US Folk that don’t get this – email me and I will explain).




  1. If the two products were offered by two different companies, you'd probably see less of an overlap as the two companies would most likely try to hammer home the differences between the two products.

    But coming from the same company, you see instead equivalent fanfare for each. In 2009, VMAX had the spotlight. In 2010 it has been VPLEX and GreenPlum. In 2011, VNX plays center stage.

    EMC offers different products for different use cases and market segments. Customers, of course, should choose the one(s) they need for their particular requirements.

    So, pick VNX or VMAX, either way you are getting the best from EMC.

  2. Hey Storage Anarchist - Thanks for your comments.

    I have no issue with the product line, nor the quality of the product. Living in the storage world for a bit means i get it. The motivation behind the blog was more feedback and discussions with one of my buddies and how it confused him.

    Its just worrying for the individuals that are trying to make a techology selection and they are getting the hard sell on both products and the vendor is not able to articulate which is the better product based on circumstance. In fact, for this particular example - my buddy ended up asking me how the product placement lines up and when one product should be considered over the other

    To get the best from EMC - it is not just based on product but service and understanding customers particular requirements. I have absolutely seen the best of EMC - however if i know of people that are getting confused by the product line up - that means there is probably a heap more that are also

    Fix the marketing & clear up product placement details, get the sales team working as one and be able to position product - and the line up looks better.

    A confused potential customer base is not a good thing!



  3. It maybe time for you to consider a game changing technology from another vendor! There is more than one way to skin a cat!

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