Thursday, 23 September 2010

HP Jumping on the Cloud bandwagon (finally!) - "HP Cloud Start" (HP version of vBlock?)


It looks like HP are finally jumping on the cloud bandwagon and
releasing their own Virtual DC / Cloud brand. I am guessing this is a
response to EMC / Cisco / VMWare's Arcadia setup (jeez are they lagging

HP are calling it CloudStart - I guess this move was inevitable, given
the h/w and s/w stack they now own. It looks to wrap up all of the
consultancy, design, build, deploy and then handover will form a part of
this (an assumption on my part).

What is unclear are the components that will be included / excluded as
part of this wrapper... For example will HP's automation tools be
included (Server Automation, Stratavia) etc. We can be sure however that
there will be inclusion of its network tech (formaly 3COM) with some of
its flexfabric modules thrown in for good measure, Server Kit (C7000
chassis if they have any sense) and some storage solution (iBRIX / 3PAR
/ Lefthand??)

Are we in fact going to see a Cloud Start-1, Cloud Start-2 and Cloud
Start-3 (of course - if i had started from 0 - it would be to close a
certain other block virtual data centre offering - and wouldnt want to
start an upset there would we ;-)

I guess there are a bunch of pieces missing from their portfolio if they
want to own the complete end-to-end, the most obvioust being a database
warehouse of some description (maybe they will go chasing after
terradata!) and I am not sure what they have on the security side - some
work here may be required!

So final thought - It will be interesting to see how they bring this lot
to market, and if they can pull it off and get interest from the enterprise.

Lets see what happens.



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