Monday, 20 September 2010

Another Acquisition war unfolds - The Database Stack

You have to wonder where the next round of tech acquisition is going
to come from. My bet - another in the database world (and this follows
the recent IBM news on Netezza)...

EMC now have Greenplum which has the makings of a very interesting
database machine, Oracle obviously already have Exadata and the
internet is buzzing to the sound of IBM buying Netezza

So who needs one... Well HP Obviously (little bit of humor here - but
just a little!) They have just purchased 3PAR and now have a complete
H/W stack that can offer a virtual data centre infrastructure - they
just need some services to run on it. Database would be a big market
to go play in - and keep the EMC's, IBM's and Oracle's of this world

So who would HP take a punt at then? My money is on Terradata. They
could afford them (just need to convince the shareholders that it
would be worth the cash, after a big bunfight with dell over 3PAR)

I have to say - its pretty interesting watching this "stack war"
unfold.... Will be interesting to see who the final 4 vendors are that
will control this market. I have concerns about Dell making it - they
have lost out on the storage platform, have showed their cards once to
EMC - where would another acquisition war leave them (especially if
they lost again?)



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