Thursday, 26 August 2010

3Par tussle continues

The 3Par story rolls on.... It sounds like Dell have now offered a response to HP's bid for 3Par - if the rumors are correct, another cool $100m - share holders must be loving this little tussle.

Still strikes me as interesting that Cisco / Oracle haven't bundled in there yet (Cisco do have a reputation of arriving late but then taking over the party- so lets see what happens).

there is a great article that covers the whole history of companies that have bid for 3par (past and present) that can be found here:

Very much worth a read... An interesting point of note - 3Par have hired Frank Quattrone (previously of Credit Suisse First Boston fame) - who has a bit of a reputation for these type of tech deals (Data Domain into EMC as an example.... look how that tussle when between NetAPP and EMC).

It also seems that the tech buzz around storage is happening all over again - companies such as Atlantis (just managed 3rd round of funding) and Delphix are starting to emerge with some really smart IP... Will be interesting to see if the feeding frenzy continues.

This combined with everyone chasing after the virtual datacentre space - its gonna lead into an interesting period of acquisitions and to see how these companies actually manage to integrate /merge these new acquisitions into their product offerings and make them feel like coherent product offerings




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