Thursday, 26 August 2010

3Par tussle continues

The 3Par story rolls on.... It sounds like Dell have now offered a response to HP's bid for 3Par - if the rumors are correct, another cool $100m - share holders must be loving this little tussle.

Still strikes me as interesting that Cisco / Oracle haven't bundled in there yet (Cisco do have a reputation of arriving late but then taking over the party- so lets see what happens).

there is a great article that covers the whole history of companies that have bid for 3par (past and present) that can be found here:

Very much worth a read... An interesting point of note - 3Par have hired Frank Quattrone (previously of Credit Suisse First Boston fame) - who has a bit of a reputation for these type of tech deals (Data Domain into EMC as an example.... look how that tussle when between NetAPP and EMC).

It also seems that the tech buzz around storage is happening all over again - companies such as Atlantis (just managed 3rd round of funding) and Delphix are starting to emerge with some really smart IP... Will be interesting to see if the feeding frenzy continues.

This combined with everyone chasing after the virtual datacentre space - its gonna lead into an interesting period of acquisitions and to see how these companies actually manage to integrate /merge these new acquisitions into their product offerings and make them feel like coherent product offerings




Tuesday, 24 August 2010

3Par Acquisition - Interesting times

The bidding war that is emerging over 3Par is interesting to say the least. Firstly the sheer amount of news it is generating is quite mad and the interest from all the tech companies is extremely high(the fact it made it onto the front page of the FT Business section is pretty telling).


The vendors that are wading into this little war are also quite interesting – currently HP and Dell – but do we expect to see the likes of Oracle and possibly even Cisco / NetAPP to get involved????


A couple of the more interesting areas that the winning vendor possibly gains if this battle is won:

  • The amount of R&D that is purchased / Leapfrog of technology you get built into 3Par’s solution / block storage technology – its considerable!
  • The position they purchase in terms of “storage delivered to the market" – potential to leap frog all except EMC (quantity shipped)
  • Its puts its purchasing company straight into the Tier-1 space for block (and the possibility of giving a viable NAS solution as a result of a take-over).


The real point of interest that I see from this – is that of the Virtual DataCentre (VDC) play!


Currently – The Arcadia (vBlock - Cisco / EMC / VMWare) venture is really the only show in town that offers the joined up view of Servers / Storage / Network Hypervisor – but this is a venture / and a number of vendors that are playing together nicely to deliver a solution.


By purchasing 3Par, a server vendor now potentially owns the complete end-to-end stack (at least from a h/w perspective) – and its only going to take a little cosying up with Microsoft / hyper-v to have a complete end-to-end virtualisation / cloud solution (with that small little matter of management tooling (oh – do HP have Orchestration tools / Automation tools and some other interesting tools to manage VDC environments – yup pretty much…))


I think there are really a number of key takeaways from what is occurring in this market space at the moment:

  • The VDC / Cloud stack is still an immature market with many acquisitions and technology changes yet to happen (Hitachi / Arcadia (vBlock) / Dell or HP or ? etc)
  • This is going to take some time to play out and see who the winners / losers / main players will be.
  • Potentially – this is a big disruption in the market area that Cisco are trying to dominate – as it is possible another vendor could own the end-to-end h/w infrastructure (server / storage / network), rather than do this through a partnership (as we know this can cause all sorts of Interop discussions / vendors playing nicely) – With Cisco trying to get into the server market, does this dampen things for them?
  • Now is not the time to buy into a full compute stack, the market is shifting rapidly. IMHO – this will take a good 6-12 months to stabilise and be able to start making judgement calls.


That’s all from me,