Saturday, 12 June 2010

HP buys instant on OS and Virtualisation capability from Phoenix Technologies

Anyone out there spot the purchase that HP made on 10th June? They
have just brought hyperspace from phoenix technologies. The space that
this tech plays in today is around the NetBook / mobile compute etc
(and of course HP recently brought Palm) - but HP already have tech in
this space...

You have gotta ask what HP are going to do with this, and where are
they going to use it... Possible competitive technology for next
generation tablet technology (iPad competitor) or further development
in the VHD space?

Personally i think they are chasing after the full on virtualisation
space... EMC / VMWare / Cisco are making loads of noise about the
whole vBlock thing - and HP don't have a "me to" solution - the
question is are they going to be able to create something that
competitive or compelling (or are they chasing this at all)?

its arguable that whilst noise around vBlock continues - how
compelling is it - and where is that full "ball-to-the-walls" TCO that
you need to prove it.

If HP are going to enter this space also, they really have to have a
compelling model that gives you flexibility, supportability, a cost
model that you can understand and prove (added that in there for you
@ianhf 8-) but also stay "open" - people don't like lock-in!

Of course - this is all guessing around what HP are up to - lets watch
and see!

Have a great one - and of course (I have to say this) - COME ON
ENGLAND - Lets have a great first game today boys!!!

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