Saturday, 1 May 2010

Confused.....Object storage, Bycast (Bygone?), NetApp, Atmos and NotOnTap

Howzit then??
So as of well, erm "some time ago" NetApp were well on their way to
putting together their object storage roadmap and was due for release in
the near-time... All fully integrated into NOnTap etc etc... Its all
going great..
Of course, NetApp have also been in acquisition mode for another product
with the bidding war that emerged on Data Domain, that clearly didn't
happen - but hey we knew something was on the cards..
What was announced last week - well, NetApp acquired Bycast (Bygone?) -
which is a great solution that does some funky stuff with "cloud
storage" and all this object based stuff that we need for cloud type
Hold on... Object storage... Didn't i say that NetApp had it on their
roadmap some time ago... Oh yeah - i did... Right at the top... So what
is the deal here, were our NOnTap friends really on their way to
creating an object based storage solution - or were there a few porky
pies / being a little over optimistic with deliverables
Ok - anyways, so maybe we have two object based solutions / cloud type
storage or one - as long as we have something - then its all good... But
i have another worry here.... I am sure that all of us out there that
use and enjoy NOntap functionality remember NetApp purchasing a company
called Spinnaker, and some 5 years or so later, do we enjoy all of the
integrated functionality - maybe not... we are talking about clusters
possibly running in 7 or 8 mode... I think the date for NOnTap 8.1 is
still pretty fluid...
What is my faith in NetApp being able to integrate Bycast into NOnTap in
a timely manner - its pretty low to say the least... Would really love
to see some statements from NetApp around both roadmap (from a "we are
doing it already / object storage perspective) and also details on
integration timelines, along with release dates etc.
Whilst we are on the topic - EMC Atmos - so whats the deal here then???
Is it a globally dispersed CIFS / NFS presentation layer? Is it an
object store that can be global in nature, is it bird? Is it a plane? Is
it SOOPERSTORAGE??? Is it Cloud Storage??? In fact - i would love the
sales team that market it to give me a clear and concise view at to what
it is, what it is trying to achieve and what the roadmap plans are for
the product set.... Don't get me wrong - i think that this product has
its place.. (and i think i have found a use for it) - but i am not sure
i get the whole deal and how the product set is really gonna hang
together and
I guess what I am really trying to say is what is the vendor community
up to here, and other than calling this bunch of stuff cloud storage -
where is the coherent story that is dragging this lot together????
would love the various vendors to take us through this "journey" we need
to take and understand what fits where and does what, which cloud it is
and which product is playing in which space. - i am sort of guessing at
the moment!

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