Saturday, 15 May 2010

Are Oracle about to eat a well deserved portion of humble pie??

Hey there - Howzit, hope all is good out there!

So it is with some interest that i have watched the recent announcements
of takeovers / mergers and acquisitions... Some notable ones being
gemstone being purchased by springsource (VMWare) for their caching
laying, Adaptec going to PMC-Sierra and of course the most notable,
Sybase being acquired by SAP for a rumored cool $6.1B

So the last of those, for obvious reasons has really caught my
attention... Major reasons in the press for this purchase is based
around mobility - and some of the cool tech that Sybase acquired a while
ago, however you have got to ask if this is going to cause Oracle some
more hurt...

I mean - lets face it, Oracle have been trying to dictate tech that
end-users will buy. Over the last year or so (after the Sun acquisition)
- you only need to mention some of the recent attempts of change of
product support for Solaris x86 to technology owners and can watch blood
boil, tears start, ranting begins and general mumblings like "if i had
my way it would be ripped out" to start... Enterprises have had a really
rough run with Oracle in the last few months...

If it hadnt been for the recent hold on the database market that Oracle
have and Sybase doing a really pants job of getting price point right it
may be a very different landscape now, with Sybase (before this
purchase) starting to make big inroads back into enterprises again.

There is a huge opportunity here for SAP to take a look at its portfolio
of product, look at synergies within the organisation (ie back office
costs) and use their selling power to get Sybase back on track and put
some real competitive scenarios in place between themselves and Oracle
and getting Sybase DB products back as the premier preferred product in
the enterprise and Oracle out..

Of course the other purchase that is of interest (and concern to
Oracle?) is that of VMWare's purchase of Gemstone (who make data caching
products) - This is a direct competitor of Coherence, and whilst they
(Gemstone) are not in as many accounts and as big as Coherence, arguably
this was due to size of company - now they have a monster of a firm
backing them up, a hugely viable company (VMWare) and a Storage Company
(EMC) who know a thing or two about storage...

Is it time that Oracle ate some humble pie, realise that customer choice
is once again going to decide and dictatorships may be over..



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  1. We can only hope that Oracle finally eats some humble pie and comes to the table with some attempt to work together vs. dictate terms, but honestly, I doubt it.

    Oracle is a sales company with engineering attached. As long as they see their sales stay consistent, they aren't going to change.