Friday, 23 April 2010

Virtualisation DOES NOT EQUAL cloud...

i cant remember the number of times that vendors have pitched cloud
services to me in recent months, and virtualisation has been there
right by its side... Infrastructure as a service does not make
virtualisation a pre-requisite. Its about offering a service, having a
service model in place and being able to market it / get it out there
so that people can start subscribing to said service....

Why suddenly you MUST have a hypervisor included in that really
defeats me... What's wrong with solaris containers, or consolidated
database environment etc...

The other thing that makes my blood boil - those out there offering
unified platforms to offer these cloud solutions - make the management
services work across all those product offerings that truly make up
the cloud service that you would like to offer. Don't just stop at the
VMWare's of this world because its easy - start offering the ability
to automate the provision of solaris instances, containers etc....
Cmon - if we are gonna do this thing properly - lets do it, and not go
off all half arsed....

Please see @ianhf 's article here:
- very much same views as my self.....


Virus, Anti-Virus and a self fulfilling prophecy - Macfee

I wonder how many other people got caught out on the evening of the
21st April 2010??? Dodgy virus dat files distributed etc..

You invest millions of pounds in security and anti-virus products that
are meant to protect you - and the very product that is meant to
ensure that your expensive compute resources are protected is the same
piece of code that brings your organization to its knees (if not
caught quick enough).

It just strikes me as quite ironic that an anti-virus application
behaves and destroys in exactly the same way that a virus should /
would behave...

If i was also into conspiracy theories (which of course I am not....)
i guess that it also begs one other question... if the anti-virus
companies make money from viruses that released out into the wilds,
what is the best way to generate more revenue???

hey ho - another eventful day in the life of IT

Have a great one!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Federated Storage Arrays... Really? Shouldnt we just call it storage virtualisation?

I hate the term... Federated Storage Arrays... Lets get over the rebranding excersize its "storage virtualisation"... I really dont get why this rebrand has happened, or maybe what i really mean why bother with the effort to hide a FUBAR on previous product that just didnt cut it.. .. Is this about "we invented it here" syndrome, and we dont want to own up to the fact that we got it wrong the first time round??? I THINK SO!

I wish us end-users / consumers of technology would be given a bit of credit, and vendors realise we do actually have brains, we do understand how stuff could / will work and we can spot when a rebranding excersize has happened because of pants product.

So why is the re-brand happening??? My view- its just to try and make us forget that the previous product that tried to achieve said piece of funtionality was just out-and-out crap, and vendor didnt want to own up to the fact that the competition had approaches that worked and scaled...

If i come up with an idea and it goes wrong - generally i own up to it- and say "I got it wrong" - why can vendors not do the same thing, credit us with having some level of intelligence and stop crafting stories about how this new wondeful thing is a different and advanced approach / paradigm shift or what ever funky marketing term can be crafted...