Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Railway's in the surrey area - 6/1/2010

Hmmm... what to say... Went down to the train station today at around 6:10am... Train depature times looked all good.... so i waited and waited and waited... Guess what... No trains arrived (I did note that after some time something in the distance that looked remotely like a train was just stuck).

So - I asked staff at the station what was going on? Reply "we dont know sir" - we had a couple of rounds of this conversation... What about annoucements over the tannoy - "I dont know sir".. Arrgghhh.. after some time the same member of rail staff suggested i check the internet... How funny - down the station and he wants me to go home and check the internet nice... anyways - i have my netbook with me (with the pre-req 3G card) - i check the internet... yep - you guessed it - am seeing the most effective denial of service due to number of people checking the operators website...

Really people - how hard can it be to do some announcement work to say trains are broken or delayed... Needless to say - I shall be asking for a ticket refund!!!!

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